Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vamos a la Playa

This weekend was an excellent one, thanks to my (mostly) tireless companions and the kindness of our bus driver, Roberto. What could have been a string of horrible events (no hostel, pouring rain, mediocre Spanish, no bottle opener, a sketchy beach…) turned out for the best and we left Manta having gained new friends, new dance moves, and some serious sunburns. I feel that most recent events can be best summed up with the following:

Ode to My Ecuadorian Family

9 hours overnight in a van
Yeah, I know my hair is looking like trash
None of us thought to pack a toothbrush in the side pocket of our packs
We’ve been traveling for what feels like years.

Our hostel was booked on a fraudulent website
Tranquila, Roberto knows a guy…
Find a hotel steps from the beach
I’ve been waiting for a view like this for years.

Borrow my sunscreen since yours exploded
Teach me the proper way to throw a Frisbee
You'll break your teeth opening a beer that way
Ahh it hasn’t tasted this good in years.

Are you going to finish your rice?
Plates and forks and knives passed around the table
Laughing and joking and then silence once we’re satisfied
Like we’ve been eating together for years.

Learning salsa in a hot apartment
Jumping on counters from the cucarachas
Telling stories, singing songs
Like we’ve been doing it for years.

Standing in a line on the balcony with our yogurt and bread
Eating standing up, dripping wet
Still cursing the kids who chased us with buckets
Who have been looking forward to this for years.

Driving in the rain
Weaving our way through mountains and jungle
Over unpaved stretches of roads
That go on for years.

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